Snuggle Up Bird Warmer™
Keep your bird's cage warm with the Snuggle Up Bird Warmer. Help your exotic bird stay healthy and warm with a bird cage heater. Bird accessories from K&H.
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Quick Overview

  • Counters the effects of cold drafts & air conditioning that can harm exotic birds

  • Controlled thermostatically to help maintain ideal body temperature

  • Heats with harmless, 12 volt electricity

  • Provides stable environment for birds with its consistent, safe source of warmth

  • Lowers avian stress

  • Simple attachment to wire cages

  • Choose from 2 sizes

  • Energy efficient, 7 & 10 watts

  • Warranty: 1 year

    Snuggle Up Bird Warmer cage heater front
    Snuggle Up Bird Warmer cage heater side
    Snuggle Up Bird Warmer cage heater

Product Description


The Snuggle Up is designed to help protect your exotic birds from the harmful effects of air conditioning and cold drafts. This low voltage heater mounts right to the side of the cage, allowing your bird to “Snuggle Up” to it to get nice and warm. Available in two sizes for any size bird.

Product Specifications

Item Numbers Small/Medium - 9050  •  Medium/Large - 9060
UPC Small/Medium - 655199090501  •  Medium/Large - 655199090600
Depth or Length (in.) Small/Medium - 5  •  Medium/Large - 7
Width (in.) Small/Medium - 3  •  Medium/Large - 4
Height (in.) Small/Medium - 0.5  •  Medium/Large - 0.5
Weight (lbs.) Small/Medium - 1.3  •  Medium/Large - 2.15
Safety Listing MET
Product Manual

Product Questions

Is there any way to control the temperature?
I lost the adapter to my K&H bird warmer. Do you sell them separately?
Can I mount it horizontally?
Can I leave this plugged in all the time? Or do I have to plug it in when in use & unplug when my pet isn't using it?
Is it possible to lay this item on its back?
Which will keep a bird warmer - the Snuggle Up Bird Warmer or the Thermo-Perch?
Can I use the snuggle up bird warmer in my outdoor aviary?
Have an African Grey---- what size do i need?
Can I hang my bird's cozy corner bed in front of the Snuggle Up Bird Warmer?
Can the heater be on when a night cover is over the cage?
Can this item be used in front of a nest box to help keep it warm inside?
Is the adapter 110V only or is it dual voltage? I need to use it in Europe.

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