K&H Advantages
K&H Advantages
K&H Advantages


  • Heated dog water bowl prevents frozen drinking water

  • Outdoor use, even in frigid temperatures

  • Low power consumption, as little as 12 watts

  • Thermostatically controlled

  • 5.5 ft. steel wrapped cord

  • Warranty: 1 year

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The K&H Thermal-Bowl™ heated dog water bowl is thermostatically controlled to prevent your outdoor dog’s drinking water from freezing. No matter how cold the temperature, the heater inside the Thermal-Bowl keeps water unfrozen and drinkable.

For added protection, we've sealed all electronics inside the heated bowl and wrapped the cord with steel to prevent damage.

This heated dog bowl uses only 25 watts and is energy efficient. It's MET listed and can be used indoors or outdoors.


Additional Info

Item #
  • 2005 – 32 oz., Slate Gray
  • 2010 – 96 oz., Blue
  • 2020 – 1.5 gallon, Granite
  • 2030 – 120 oz., Stainless
Unit UPC
  • 2005 – 32 oz., Slate Gray – 655199020058
  • 2010 – 96 oz., Blue – 655199020102
  • 2020 – 1.5 gallon, Granite – 655199020201
  • 2030 – 120 oz., Stainless – 655199020300
  • Slate Gray – 32 oz.
  • Blue – 96 oz.
  • Granite – 1.5 gallon
  • Stainless – 120 oz.
  • 32 oz., Slate Gray – 10.25" L x 10.25" W x 3" H
  • 96 oz., Blue – 11.5" L x 11.5" W x 4" H
  • 1.5 gallon, Granite – 14" L x 14" W x 5" H
  • 120 oz., Stainless – 13" L x 13" W 3.5" H
Item Weight
  • Slate Gray – 1.15 lbs.
  • Blue – 1.7 lbs.
  • Granite – 2.7 lbs.
  • Stainless – 4 lbs.
  • 32 oz., Slate Gray – 12 watts
  • 96 oz., Blue – 25 watts
  • 1.5 gallon, Granite – 25 watts
  • 120 oz., Stainless – 25 watts
Cord Length 5.5 ft.
Safety Listing MET
Warranty 1 Year


Care & Instructions

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Cleaning Instructions

DO NOT immerse your Thermal-Bowl in water or other liquids when cleaning.

Wipe your Thermal-Bowl inside and out with a damp cloth. A mild detergent may be used but be sure all detergent has been removed before watering your pet or wildlife.

Product Q&A

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Product-Specific Questions

At what temperature will the heating element turn on?

The Thermal-Bowl is thermostatically controlled to keep the average water temperature just above freezing. It features internal thermostats and will turn on and off as necessary to keep the water from freezing over.

What are the inside measurements of the bowls?

Here are the inside measurements for K&H Thermal-Bowls:

  • Blue, 96 oz. - 8" diameter, 3 1/2" height
  • Granite, 1.5 gal. - 10" diameter, 4 1/4" height
  • Stainless, 120 oz. - 9" diameter, 2 1/2" height

Can the heating element be removed after the winter season to allow year-round use?

The heating element cannot be removed, but you could simply leave the unit unplugged when heat is not required.

Does the Thermal-Bowl have a 2 or 3 prong electrical plug?

The blue & granite colored plastic bowls have a 2 prong plug. The stainless steel bowl has a 3 prong plug.

Will the element be damaged if the water evaporates while the bowl is plugged in?

No, this will not damage the heating element.

Is the plastic BPH & PBA free?

Yes, the plastic is BPH & PBA free.

General Questions about Outdoor Heated Products

How long is the cord?

The cord is 5.5 feet long.

Can I use an extension cord with this product?

MET requires that all manufacturers put the extension cord statement “Do not use with extension cord” on every item that is MET listed by UL 499 standards. This is because they cannot test every extension cord on the market in conjunction with our products for safety. Also, MET suggests that an extension cord is not recommended as a permanent fixture and should only be a temporary solution when using any electrical product.

Temporary use of a UL listed cord is fine, but consult your electrician for the proper cord for your application. For more information on MET safety testing, please visit their website at www.metlabs.com.

How long can this item be plugged in?

MET Safety Laboratories suggests unplugging the item if you leave your home on an extended vacation, as they do with any electrical appliance. Otherwise, it is designed for 24/7 operation and you can leave it plugged in all day. This item has been certified by MET labs to adhere to strict electrical safety standards. For more information, please visit www.metlabs.com.

Is there an off/on switch?

There is not an off/on switch. The pad is always on when plugged in.


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