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What we perceive as a daily activity with our favorite furbabies sometimes seems like an ordinary process. Yet it’s often overlooked given our overwhelming daily tasks and busy schedules. It seems so normal, like an everyday occurrence, but whether we’re walking our dogs on a daily level or playing with the cats whenever we get home, it’s almost routine.

Or is it?

Sometimes we forget about many different aspects when it comes to the overall health of our companion animals. Sometimes this concept is in serious jeopardy when we overlook their overall well being. With the possibility of weight gain due to diminishing activity levels, too many treats, table scraps … all of this can lead to the early onset of dangerous diseases like diabetes and heart conditions that are putting all of us in jeopardy when we’re not exercising enough.


While our nation (along with the worldwide populations) continues to grow in size and stature (pun intended), obesity levels are also rising expon...

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Contest Giveaway

We're pleased to announce that Old Maid Cat Lady has chosen K&H Manufacturing as their November Supplier Spotlight. Here's a snippet of their blog post:

This time we take a look at K&H Manufacturing, who's been one of our suppliers since our first year. While other companies have come and gone, K&H has consistently been a reliable source of high quality heated and non-heated products for cats. Despite selling a great number of products, the company is still family-owned and relatively small.
Based in Colorado, K&H has been around for more than 40 years. They're actually the originator of heated products for pets! K&H's Lectro Kennel has been on the market since the company's founding. It comes in both regular and Deluxe models. Made for cats, dogs, and even birds, each product is designed by the company's founder and president James Koskey. 
In addition to their excellent post about our company history and products, Old Maid Cat Lady is also hosting a giveaway of a Heated Outdoor Kitty H...
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Fairway Seed posted these photos to facebook and wrote:

The hot weather we think is gone so the window shade can go up and Hunter has her bed back. K&H Pet Products Double Stack EZ Window Mount makes Hunter a happy kitty!

Nice catch of a blep by Hunter, who's obviously enjoying naps on her Kitty Sill - Double Stack EZ Window Mount!

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We're a hit with Heavy:

If you don’t like the idea of your dog being suspended off the seat, consider this booster-style option. It comes in two sizes — 16 inches square or 18 inches by 13 inches by 16 inches — and sits directly on the seat, removing the worry about your dog being too heavy. Obviously, you can’t put a 60-pound lab in it, but for small dogs of almost any breed, this should do the job. The back is contoured to fit snugly in most cars, and the interior is lined with quilted fleece for maximum comfort. The opening at the front makes it easy for your dog to get in and out. You can choose from gray or tan in both sizes. The included security leashes give you a place to attach your dog’s harness during travel. A solid option that should serve a wider range of dogs than the first two.

Choose your Bucket Booster color and size in our store.

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Crockett's Corner

Fall is the time of year when the weather can swing wildly from hot days to frigid nights. For example, here in Colorado Springs where K&H Pet Products is located, we've been having sunny 80°F during the day, but once the sun disappears behind Pike's Peak, the temperatures drop too, to chilly lows of 52°F. It's enough to cause a daily wardrobe change from shorts and sandals in the morning to pants and jackets in the evening.

Here's how wildly the weather swings across the U.S. this time of year:

Amy S. in Iowa recently shared her answer, Crockett's Corner:

"Crockett's a 9-year-old Golden Retriever with joint problems (He had an ACL repair 4 years ago from being rambunctious. LOL!) so we got him the Feather-Top Ortho Bed. But sometimes it's too warm for him during the day and he'll move to the hard floor just to stay cool. We threw the Coolin' Pet Pad on it and the happiness speaks for itself!"

Does Crockett look comfortable in his corner, or what? Wowza he does!

So, let's do the math on t...

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Buddy Loves His Bucket Booster

9/20/2016 3:27 PM

Hande C. emailed us with pics of Buddy enjoying his Bucket Booster:

"[T]his is one of the best purchases we made for Buddy, he now enjoys car rides more than ever.  I just wish we had discovered it before.  Thanks so much!"

What a cutie!

Buddy and his Bucket Booster

Have any photos or stories about your pet enjoying K&H products? We'd love to see and hear them!

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Choose the right K&H outdoor heated pet bed for dogs or cats

Choose a location for your K&H heated pet bed

K&H offers both indoor and outdoor pet beds. If your heated pet bed will be used in a garage, basement, porch, or any other sheltered or enclosed location, we recommend choosing a K&H outdoor heated dog bed or outdoor heated cat bed. They're perfect for unheated locations with low temperatures.

For pets that sleep inside, choose a K&H indoor heated dog bed or indoor heated cat bed. These beds work well for settings that are already at room temperature. 

Choose a material for your K&H heated pet bed

For outdoor pets, we offer the Lectro-Soft, Original Lectro-Kennel, Deluxe Lectro-Kennel, and Extreme Weather Kitty Pad. For 2016 we've introduced the new Deluxe Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed with a rugged bolster surrounding a soft heated pad area. If your pet is NOT destructive and won't chew or claw at its bed, the Lectro-Soft is an excellent choice and offers orthopedic cushioning. Otherwise, we recommend the Lectro-Kennel or Extreme Weather Kitty Pad, both of which are made of a rigid, durable material that can be screwed to the f...

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K&H Outdoor Heated Pet Beds


It's no secret that K&H heated pet beds lead the market and are adored by many. But how do you choose which heated bed is right for your dog or cat?

All of our heated pet beds warm to 102° F and are thermostatically controlled. This means your dog or cat will stay warm with any of our beds. But pets vary in size and have different needs, which is why we give you options.

To make selecting the proper heated pet bed easier, we've made a comparison chart to showcase the features of each product. And as always, if you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Note: The Lectro-Soft is not recommended for destructive pets. If your pet i...

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CanineJournal recently tested and wrote up The Ultimate Dog Food Bowl Guide because, "Yes, the food you put in your dog’s bowl matters. But so does the bowl you use." Much to our joy and surprise, the Thermo-Bowl was selected for Best Heated Water Bowl.

Here's a snippet of the review, we suggest you read the whole article as there are lots of other useful reviews:


CanineJournal review screenshot


Want one? Start configuring your Thermal-Bowl now.

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Back To School Pet Tips

8/22/2016 3:13 PM

Photo credit: The National Archives and Records Administration

In homes with school-aged children and pets, summer is usually full of fun activities for everyone in the family – including the dog. But what happens when the kids head back to school at the end of summer and things are suddenly quiet and lonely?

One the heels of a sudden change in daily routine, your dog may experience separation anxiety and depression. This is triggered by separation from the people they are attached to, and who are suddenly not there all the time. They may suffer from home alone issues that manifest in unwanted behaviors.

Here are some signs your dog may be suffering from separation anxieties:

  • Attempting to escape the house or yard

  • Destructive behavior like chewing or soiling

  • Whining or howling

  • Pacing

  • Lethargy or lack of energy

The good news is there are ways to help your dog cope with new routines and schedules. Here are some helpful ways to help your dog adjust to the fall schedule, according to the Oregon Hum...

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Hi everyone. As summer peaks and we continue outdoor activities, restaurants and bars are realizing that a substantial number of their customers want their four-legged friends to be able to tag along.

Here at K&H we wanted to provide a little PSA on the matter and explain some do's and don'ts for dog-friendly dining: 

  • DO bring a leash. Most restaurants will require your pet be kept on a leash until they get to know them.
  • DO make sure your dog has good manners. A dog that is calm and well-mannered around large groups of people is tough to train, but with enough practice, your pup will probably find a nice spot to take a nap while you sip Chardonnay and discuss the risotto.
  • DON'T be afraid to say no and set boundaries. People are going to want to touch and pet your pup and non-pet-parents are likely to be unaware of your dog's limits, so be prepared to step in and let them know your dog needs personal space too. This includes people who will try to overfeed your dog. Nothing's worse than hav...
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