Dog blog. That's fun to say. Dog blog!

This post is for all you dog lovers out there. I've assembled a wide assortment of favorite blogs about dogs.

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1. Dogster

A magazine style news blog for all things dog. Nicely laid out and informative site.

Dogster dog blog

2. The Dogington Post

An online newspaper blog with the latest dog news. Excellent variety and highly rated by users.

Dogington Post dog blog

3. Puppy in Training

The headline says it all: Learn How to Train a Puppy. Don't miss this site if you have a puppy and want some outstanding training guidance.

Puppy in Training dog blog


4. Shine Pet Photos

Outstanding photos by L.A. pet photographer Grace Chon. Beautiful style too!

Shine Pet Photos blog

5. Dog Time

Another great site with a wide variety of dog information. News, reviews, tips, stories, and much more.

Dog Time news, blog, stories


6. The Dog Daily

Fantastic tips on caring for man's best friend. Learn to clip your dog's nails, save money on dog supplies, make your home pet friendly, and more.

Dog Daily tips & blog

7. Modern Dog

A lifestyle magazine for dogs and their owners. Features a huge selection of articles. Nicely designed site.

Modern Dog online magazine, news, articles

8. The Bark

 An online and print magazine for the dog world. Interestingly, they own the trademark for the phrase "Dog is my co-pilot." I guess it's not just a bumpersticker!

The Bark dog magazine

9. Fido Friendly

Yet another quality dog magazine blog with tons of info. They even cover traveling with your dog.

Fido Friendly dog magazine

10. Whole Dog Journal

Site focused on dog nutrition, supplements, and overall canine health. A holistic approach to raising your dog.

Whole Dog Journal health tips for dogs

11. Life with Dogs

"The world leader in dog news and entertainment." What else can you say?

 Life with Dogs news & entertainment blog

12. Fit as Fido

Dedicated to dog health & safety. Good posts on exercise, nutrition, and overall well-being for your furry friend.

Fit as Fido dog blog, health articles

13. Dog Tipper

Excellent tips for a better life for you and your dog. Easy to navigate layout.

Dog Tipper tips for dog lovers

14. A Dog's Life

Take a laughter break with some dog cartoons. New comics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

A Dog's Life cartoon comics

15. Dog Star Daily

News and articles about dog behavior and extensive information regarding training. Strong belief in puppy husbandry.

Dog Star Daily magazine blog

16. Pawcurious

Great site run by veterinarian Dr. Jessica Vogelsang. It's obvious she loves pets and sharing her knowledge.

Pawcurious dog blog, articles, tips, news stories

17. Keep the Tail Wagging

Care for your dog with ideas from this "dog mom." She even has a podcast to complement her blog.

Keep the Tail Wagging dog blog & podcast

18. Celebrity Dog Watcher

I couldn't resist adding this one. It's like TMZ for dogs!

Celebrity Dog Watcher blog

19. Dog Files

Nicely designed site with an emphasis on helping people respect, love, and appreciate dogs.

Dog Files blog

20. The Three Dog Blog

A dog blog from Catalan, Spain--in English. Writing about the ups & downs of dog ownership.

Three Dog Blog

21. Squish Face Dogs

Anyone who loves dogs will enjoy these photos! Shots of pugs, bulldogs, and other squish-faced breeds.

Squish Face Dogs photo blog

22. Dogs Waiting for Their Humans

More than 400 photos of dogs waiting on the street for their masters. They're so patient!

 Dogs Waiting for Their masters photo blog

23. Oh My Dog!

Good writing, nice design, and helpful information. What's not to like?!

Oh My Dog! blog

24. The Smart Dog Blog

A wealth of information on training your puppy to be the best dog in the neighborhood.

Smart Dog Blog


Do you have any favorite dog blogs that didn't make this list? If so, share them below in the comments.