Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are a hot trend right now. And why not? They're fun, challenging, and economical. And since you're all dog and cat lovers, I decided to put together a collection of DIY pet furniture projects just for you.

Here are 7 pet furniture tutorials for all you DIYers out there. Enjoy!

1. Turn An Old Cabinet Into A Fashionable Cat Litter Box Hideaway

Turn a cabinet into cat litter box hideaway pet furniture

(Photos & Article from Recaptured Charm)

A unique cat furniture project that's fashionable and functional. Not only does this cabinet hide your cat's unsightly litter box, but it's clever too. The side cat door provides feline access while the fold-down front door gives humans easy access.

Alternatively, you could remove the front door and insert a K&H heated cat bed in there.

2. DIY Dog Feeding Station

DIY Dog Feeding Station pet furniture

(Photos & Article from Funnelcloud)

This dog feeding station is fairly straightforward, yet boasts great looks and functionality. Obviously, you can paint this piece of pet furniture whatever color you like, but I'm partial to the orange/yellow color they chose.

3. Upside Down Table Cat Bed Furniture

Upside Down Table Cat Bed Pet Furniture Project

(Photos & Article from Junk Camp)

I affectionately refer to this as a "princess cat bed." If Disney made an animated film about a cat princess, this bed would be featured in the movie.

But get this. The bed posts on this unique piece of pet furniture are actually table legs! All they did was turn a table upside down and make some basic modifications.

4. Large Wood Pet Kennel End Table by Ana White

Ana White DIY Dog Kennel End Table furniture instructions

(Diagram, Photo & Article from

First of all, Ana White has a fantastic website. One could spend hours browsing her DIY projects. Her diagrams and instructions are first rate and easy to follow.

This article of hers features a DIY piece of dog furniture you're going to love. It serves as both a dog kennel and an end table. Brilliant!

5. Vintage Chair Transformed into Pet Bed

Vintage Chair transformed into Pet Bed furniture

(Photo & Article from Kaleidascope of Colors)

Here's another pet furniture idea that never would have crossed my mind. The Kaleidascope of Colors blog explains how to disassemble an old chair and repurpose it into an upscale-looking dog or cat bed. Very creative!

6. Vintage Coca-Cola Crate Turned Dog Bowl Holder

Vintage Coca-Cola Crate Turned Dog Bowl Holder

(Photo & Article from Sew Woodsy)

This DIY water and food bowl station is for smaller dogs or cats. Sew Woodsy's tutorial features many detailed, step by step photos to guide you through the project. Those who love pets and Coca-Cola will want to check out this shabby chic pet furniture project.

Sorry Pepsi lovers. You'll have to wait for another post.

7.  Convert A Doll Bed into a Pet Bed

Convert a Doll Bed into Pet Bed Furniture

(Photo & Article from Designed Decor)

Here's a great DIY pet bed idea for those with small dogs or cats. The Designed Decor blog explains how they took a secondhand doll bed and converted it to a beautiful furniture piece that's perfect for smaller pets.

Depending on the size of your doll bed, this could be a great fit for the K&H Memory Sleeper pet bed.

More Pet Furniture Ideas on Pinterest

For more DIY pet furniture ideas, make sure to follow our Pinterest page. Project instructions and interesting concepts are posted to the Products & Ideas We Love board.

Happy crafting!