K&H Pet Products May BOGO Sale

The big K&H BOGO sale is here! So now you're wondering, "What is BOGO?" We're glad you asked. BOGO is "Buy One Get One"...as in Buy One Get One 50% off at Khpet.com!

That's right. Now through Tuesday, when you buy one regularly priced pet product at Khpet.com, you'll receive 50% off a second item of equal or lesser value. Simply enter the coupon code MAYBOGO50 in your shopping cart and the discount will be applied.

So now that you're armed with a highly valuable coupon code, what great dog, cat, and pet products can you buy? The possibilities are endless, but here's an overview of the outstanding items we offer.

Cooling Dog Beds

It's no secret that dogs don't handle heat well. Help them stay cool with a K&H cooling dog bed. These unique beds keep a dog's body cool and comfortable and offer an oasis in the heat.

Our most popular cooling dog beds include the Cool Bed III™, Coolin' Gel Pad™, and Pet Cot™.

Heated Dog Beds & Cat Beds

It may be heating up outside, but it's never too early to start planning ahead for the cold fall and winter months--especially with a sale like this! And no matter the temperature, some dogs and cats prefer a heated bed to help soothe aching joints or to relax their muscles.

Popular heated dog & cat beds include the Lectro-Kennel™, Lectro-Soft™, Outdoor Kitty House™, Thermo-Kitty Bed™, and Pet Bed Warmer™.

Self-Warming Dog Beds & Cat Beds

These unique pet beds keep dogs and cats warm without the need for electricity. Our special self-warming material captures a pet's body heat and reflects it back to them.

Some of our most popular self-warming pet beds include the Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper™ and Round Comfy Sleeper™.

Traditional Dog Beds & Cat Beds

This category includes a wide range of pet beds customized to meet the needs of dog and cats of all sizes. K&H offers orthopedic beds, memory foam beds, bolstered beds, raised beds, feather beds, and more.

A few traditional pet bed highlights include the Deluxe Ortho Bolster Sleeper™, Memory Sleeper™, Feather-Top Ortho Bed™, Kitty Sill™, and Kitty Sleephouse™.

Other Pet Products

While we've shined the spotlight on dog and cat beds, there are many other quality pet products included in this sale. Be sure to check out our Travel Dog Products, Heated Bird Perches, Small Animal Heated Pads, Pond De-Icers, and Farm & Ranch Products.