K&H Coolin' Gel Pad

With the weather getting warmer, I’ve recently written about our best-selling K&H Cool Bed III™ cooling dog bed as well as the K&H Cool Lounger™ (which is available at an incredible clearance price). And now I’d like to share another outstanding cooling product for dogs: the K&H Coolin’ Gel Pad™.

Sometimes simple pet products that solve a problem are the most popular. The simple, affordable Coolin' Gel Pad™ from K&H Pet Products is sure to follow this trend as it keeps dogs cool when it's hot outside. The gel inside this product never requires refrigeration and can be used over and over again.

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend keeping the Coolin' Gel Pad™ out of the direct sun. But other than that, go ahead and use it wherever you like! Place the Coolin' Gel Pad™ on the floor or ground to provide your dog with a cool place to relax. If your dog already has a favorite pet bed, simply place the Coolin' Gel Pad™ on top of the pet bed. It's that simple!

Pick up a few Coolin' Gel Pads to keep around the house, in the car, and to take with you wherever your dog goes. Your dog will love you for it and be a little more comfortable during the heat of summer.