Does Your Puppy Have Trouble Sleeping?

You’ve brought your new puppy home and everyone in the family is beaming with joy. Puppy runs around the house and explores his new space with seemingly endless energy.

But now it’s nighttime. While other family members settle into comfortably familiar beds, puppy cries endlessly. He’s scared and doesn’t understand his new surroundings. You love your new puppy but find yourself frustrated and tired. Can anything be done to help him sleep?

Have no fear. These basic steps will put your puppy at ease and help everyone in the house sleep well.

Create a Nightly Routine

Your puppy will be more content when he follows a schedule. Before bedtime, make sure he has an extended play session. This will give him a chance to expend energy and bond with you. After playtime is over, give him time to rest and settle down, and then take him outside for one last potty break.

Provide a Dedicated Sleeping Area

Make sure to place your puppy in a crate at night. While this may seem to confine at first, a crate gives your dog a place of his own that feels safe and warm. 

A Soft Bed Helps

Your puppy will sleep better and feel more at home with a cozy bed. Select a bed with thick cushioning for premium comfort. For dogs that like to snuggle, choose a pet bed with a bolster around the outside. This raised outside area creates a sense of security and provides a place to snuggle in for the night. 

K&H has plenty of dog beds to choose from to find the right fit for your family member.

Give It Time

If your puppy continues to cry after you’ve taken these steps, give it a few days. Avoid checking on your puppy every time he cries, as this will only encourage him to cry more. After a few nights in his new home, your puppy will start to rest peacefully and feel like a member of your family.