Finding Forever: The Dogs of Coastal German Shepherd RescueGuest writer Dobie Houson shares the inspiration behind her book Finding Forever: The Dogs of Coastal German Shepherd Rescue.

What can we learn from a group of abandoned German Shepherds seeking their forever homes? The answer may well surprise us: We can learn profound life lessons. 

In 2009, I tragically lost my beloved German Shepherd, Blitz. Soon thereafter, I began volunteering for a local Shepherd rescue group. Now more than ever, I thought, I can really understand these deserted dogs’ shock, pain, and sadness. And I was ready to immerse myself in their healing.

So imagine my surprise when, instead, it was I who was being healed. As the weeks and months passed, the abandoned Shepherds were teaching me profound lessons about life. One dog at a time, one story at a time, I was learning new, often-eye-opening things about hope, faith, love, courage, forgiveness, healing, perseverance, and more. And I felt called to impart those lessons to the world.

In my book Finding Forever, I share awe-inspiring stories and their life-altering lessons for the rest of us. As readers, you’ll come to know 26 truly remarkable rescue dogs, including: strapping Spartacus, who illustrates the incredible beauty of opening a broken heart; Patience and Eve, both pint-sized and pregnant, who reveal the staggering power of friendship; and gentle, bunny-soft Annica, who teaches us the untold importance of living with a higher purpose.

Animals are wise and wonderful teachers. They show us, among other things, what it means to love fully, deeply, and unconditionally; to live without judgment; and to forgive even those who have hurt us most.

Today, I am a tireless crusader for animal rescue. As founder and executive director of Finding Forever, a foundation dedicated to raising money and awareness through writing and arts projects, I have helped numerous animal rescue groups, sanctuaries, and charities. 

Dobie Houson - Finding ForeverDobie Houson is a San Diego-based author and animal communicator. For more information about Houson, visit her website. To purchase her book “Finding Forever,” visit