Crockett's Corner

Fall is the time of year when the weather can swing wildly from hot days to frigid nights. For example, here in Colorado Springs where K&H Pet Products is located, we've been having sunny 80°F during the day, but once the sun disappears behind Pike's Peak, the temperatures drop too, to chilly lows of 52°F. It's enough to cause a daily wardrobe change from shorts and sandals in the morning to pants and jackets in the evening.

Here's how wildly the weather swings across the U.S. this time of year:

Amy S. in Iowa recently shared her answer, Crockett's Corner:

"Crockett's a 9-year-old Golden Retriever with joint problems (He had an ACL repair 4 years ago from being rambunctious. LOL!) so we got him the Feather-Top Ortho Bed. But sometimes it's too warm for him during the day and he'll move to the hard floor just to stay cool. We threw the Coolin' Pet Pad on it and the happiness speaks for itself!"

Does Crockett look comfortable in his corner, or what? Wowza he does!

So, let's do the math on this fall weather fix: