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The weather is getting warmer, the grass is turning green, and Spring is in the air! People are beginning to venture outdoors and travel more.

If you're traveling with your dog or cat, make sure they're riding in a K&H travel product. They'll be safe, comfortable, and have their own special place to ride. And you won't be distracted, which helps ensure everyone arrives safely at your destination.

Here is a sample of the many outstanding pet travel accessories we offer:



K&H Travel Safety Barrier

K&H Travel Safety Barrier™

Close the gap between your vehicle's 2 front seats and prevent your pet from jumping in the front seat. With the K&H Travel Safety Barrier™, you focus on the road instead of your pet's position in the car.

This barrier installs in seconds and features a universal fit for almost any vehicle. It even includes a convenient mesh storage pouch!



K&H Travel Safety Carrier

K&H Travel Safety Carrier™

Not to be confused with the similarly named travel product we just discussed, the K&H Travel Safety Carrier™ is sure to be a favorite in many vehicles this summer. This accessory also minimizes driver distraction by giving your dog or cat a comfortable, enclosed area in which to ride.

With 3 size options to choose from, the K&H Travel Safety Carrier™ will accommodate most small and medium size dogs or any size cat. Place the small size carrier in the front seat, or any of the 3 size carriers in the back seat.



K&H Mod Safety Seat

K&H Bucket Booster

K&H Bucket Booster™ & Mod Safety Seat™

Give your pet an elevated view of the road with either of these pet car seats. Attach the included safety leash to your pet's harness for added safety.

The K&H Bucket Booster™ is a luxurious seat any smaller dog or cat will love. Its thick cushioning and plush material will pamper any pet who is used to being spoiled. Choose either gray or tan to match your vehicle's interior.

Brand new for 2014, our K&H Mod Safety Seat™ offers the same benefits as the Bucket Booster™, but at a more economical price point. This travel pet seat zips together easily and is available in 2 color options.



K&H Travel/SUV Bed

K&H Travel/SUV Bed

Larger dogs who are too big for the previously mentioned pet accessories will love the K&H Travel/SUV Bed™! Place this travel dog bed in your vehicle's cargo area to create a special, comfortable resting place for your dog.

The K&H Travel/SUV Bed™ features a removable, washable cushion and comes in 2 colors. You can even match this bed to our K&H Car Seat Saver™!



K&H travel pet carriers

Brand New K&H Travel Pet Carriers!

Last year, we introduced a new line of luxury and economical travel carriers. These products fit a wide variety of needs and are sure to be best sellers here at khpet.com. You'll love the quality, style, versatility, and features these pet carriers offer!



...And Much, Much More!

Ready to outfit your vehicle for travel? We offer too many quality travel pet products to mention in one blog post. So make sure to check out our wide selection of quality travel accessories for your pet. Our products are perfect for dogs or cats!