K&H Cool Bed III cooling dog bed

Dogs don’t particularly seem to enjoy hot weather. My dog never personally spoke with me about his dislike for the heat, but the panting, lethargy, and mass quantities of water consumed seemed to give it away.

So what is a dog to do if he or she wants to combat the heat and stay cool? We’d recommend lying on our specially designed Cool Bed III™ cooling dog bed all day and taking it easy.

How the Cool Bed III Works

Unlike a fluffy dog bed that is designed to retain heat to keep a dog warm, the Cool Bed III is designed to radiate heat back into the air or the floor surface to keep a dog cool.

The water-saturated Cool Core™ inside the Cool Bed III absorbs a dog’s natural body temperature of 102º F and coverts it to room temperature, which is normally well below the dog’s body temperature. The difference created between the room temperature and the dog’s body temperature allows the Cool Bed III to provide a cooler, refreshing surface for your dog.

For example, if it is 80ºF in your house, the Cool Bed III is 22º cooler than a dog’s 102º body temperature. The Cool Bed III provides a permanent, natural, “cool” spot for your dog, inside or outside in temperatures under 95º Fahrenheit, all without chemicals or electricity.

Cool Bed III Placement

Whether your cooling dog bed is used outdoors or indoors, it should be kept out of direct sunlight. This prevents the Cool Bed and the water inside from absorbing sunlight energy and heat.

Because water is extremely heavy, we recommend placing the Cool Bed where you want it prior to filling it with water.

Preparing the Cool Bed III

To use the Cool Bed, remove the fill cap, fill with cold water, and replace the cap. Then expel the appropriate amount of air using our air adjustment valve. This may seem extremely simple, but that’s because we’ve designed this cooling dog bed to be easy to use.

How much water you place in the Cool Bed is a matter of personal preference. Please keep in mind that, the more water used, the cooler and more cushioned the bed will feel. As a general rule, here are recommended quantities of water for each size:

  • Small Cool Bed III: 1.85 gallons
  • Medium Cool Bed III: 3.25 gallons
  • Large Cool Bed III: 6.75 gallons

A Cooling Dog Bed for All Sizes

We offer the Cool Bed III in three different sizes to accommodate all sizes and types of dogs. Choose from: small (17” x24”), medium (22” x 32”), and large (32” x 44”).

Don't wait for the summer heat to arrive. Go grab your Cool Bed III™ now! Your dog will thank you.