K&H Cool Lounger cooling dog bed

Depending on where you live, warm weather is either here or on its way.  To help you get ready for these rising spring and summer temperatures, we’re clearing out the K&H Cool Lounger™ cooling dog bed. This feature-packed pet bed will keep your dog cool and comfortable during the coming months.

An Indoor/Outdoor Cooling Dog Bed

We understand that dogs love to get outside, even when it’s hot. So, we designed the K&H Cool Lounger™ to withstand the elements. Don’t worry about leaving it outside or having to haul it inside the house every time there’s a threat of rain. This cooling dog bed features a 100% polyester outdoor fabric that is water-resistant and rated for ultraviolet sunlight exposure.

But if you’d rather keep your dog inside and away from the outdoor heat, the Cool Lounger™ will work great inside your home. Its attractive chocolate brown color matches just about any décor, which means you can place this cooling dog bed anywhere you like.

Stay Cool for Hours

The unique design of the Cool Lounger™ harnesses the cooling power of our Pet Bed Cooler and traps cool air for hours. The medium size Cool Lounger™ holds 1 Pet Bed Cooler while the large size accommodates 2 Pet Bed Coolers. Place these cooling gel packs in the freezer at night and slip them into your dog’s bed during the daytime for hours of cool comfort. They’re rated to stay cool for 6-8 hours, depending on conditions.

For added flexibility or extremely hot days, pick up a few extra Pet Bed Coolers and change them throughout the day. Your dog will thank you!

Supplies are Limited

We’re clearing out the Cool Lounger™ to make room for all the exciting new dog products we having coming in 2014. So once we sell out of this cooling dog bed, it’s gone for good! Prices have been slashed, so take advantage of this incredible dog bed deal. The large model is now only $74.99 (regularly $189.99), while the medium is only $39.99 (regularly $119.99). Get yours now while supplies last.