We're clearing out select cooling pet beds and CleanFlow filtered water bowls during our spring sale. Get ready for spring & summer and save a TON of money! But hurry because this sale is only good while supplies last.

Does your dog struggle with the summer heat? If so, a cooling pet bed will put them at easy and provide comfort, no matter the temperature. If pets could pray, these would be some of the products they'd pray for.

K&H cooling pet bed, CleanFlow filtered water bowl sale

K&H Cool Lounger™

This bed is guaranteed to keep even the hottest pooch cool during the dog days of summer. The K&H Cool Lounger cooling dog bed features a gel pack that stays cold for up to 6-8 hours. Toss it in the freezer at night and insert it into our specially designed cover during the day. If you'd like to have more gel packs on hand, pickup up our Pet Bed Cooler.

Made for outdoor use, the Cool Lounger's cover is UV rated and water-resistant to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

K&H Cool Pad™

This is the predecessor to our extremely popular Cool Bed III™ cooling dog bed. In fact, it's exactly the same as our Cool Bed III™, but under the old product name. This means you can pick it up today for only a fraction of the original price and keep your dog cool and content all summer!

Simply add water to the Cool Pad™, insert the plug, and you're done. Our unique Cool Core provides advanced cooling power in even the warmest temperatures.

K&H Breezy Bunk™

Think of the Breezy Bunk as a comfy camping chair for dogs. This cooling dog bed folds to a compact size and slides into the included carrying bag. Throw it over your shoulder and take it with you wherever you go. Now man's best friend has a seat too!

We only have a few Breezy Bunks left, so grab yours now!

K&H Cool Bed/Pad Bolster Sheet

If your dog likes to nuzzle into a corner, he or she will love the Cool Bed III™ Bolster Sheet. It adds 3 bolstered sides to your Cool Bed III™ or Cool Pad™ for a feeling of security and added comfort. Typically, bolsters are only found on traditional or heated beds. But this special bolster sheet breaks that rule!

Limited quantities and sizes available.

K&H Cool Bed/Pad Fitted Sheet

Specially designed to fit the Cool Bed III™ or Cool Pad™, this fitted sheet will keep your cooling dog bed clean and fresh. They're washable and available in 3 sizes and colors.

Quantities and sizes are limited. At this price, why not pick up several sets before they're gone for good?

K&H CleanFlow™ Water Filter

Not only do you want your dog to say cool during the summer, you want him or her to stay hydrated. The K&H CleanFlow™ filtered water bowl removes impurities and encourages greater water consumption.

The CleanFlow is available at more than a 60% discount, but only for a limited time while supplies last.

K&H CleanFlow™ Reservoir Conversion Kit

To increase the capacity of your CleanFlow™ filtered dog water bowl, simply add a Reservoir Conversion Kit. Depending on the size, this kit can increase your dog's filtered water bowl capacity by nearly 75%!

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These items have been discontinued and are only on clearance while supplies last. Make sure to buy your cooling dog bed, water bowl, or other pet accessory now before they're gone!