Feather-Top Ortho Bed orthopedic dog bed

If you want to spoil your dog with one of the softest, most luxurious pet beds on the market, the K&H Feather-Top Ortho Bed is for you. Buy this orthopedic feather bed and your dog will definitely be man’s best friend!

And now, for a limited time, the ultimate in dog bed luxury is available for half price. That’s right! The Feather-Top Ortho Bed is 50% (or more) off its normal price. Pick up a small bed for only $74.99 (normally $179.99) or a large bed for only $129.99 (normally $259.99).

Health Benefits for Dogs

Not only does this bed ooze comfort and softness, it also offers numerous health benefits.

A base comprised of 5 inches of medical grade orthopedic foam supports any dog, large or small. This high quality foundation ensures your pet receives the most supportive rest possible.

As if that weren’t enough, we’ve placed a 1.5 inch layer of luxurious baffled duck feathers on top of an already soft base. This feather top eases pressure points and promotes comfort for dogs to sleep through the night or take a nice afternoon nap.

Can I Really Wash a Feather Bed?

Yes you can, thanks to the ingenious design of the Feather-Top Ortho Bed. We’ve engineered this product to keep dogs happy while they sleep and their masters happy while they do laundry.

To achieve laundry nirvana, we sandwiched the aforementioned baffled duck feather layer between the orthopedic foam base and a super soft fleece and micro suede cover. When it comes time to clean your dog’s bed, simply remove the cover, zip out the feather layer, and place the cover in the washing machine. Wash on the gentle cycle with cold water, then line dry.

Patterns & Colors

Customize your Feather-Top Ortho Bed to fit your home’s color scheme. We offer beds with a quilted gray micro suede sleeping area and black/white checkered pattern or with a tan sleeping area and brown/tan checkered pattern.

Orthopedic Care

While any dog will fall head over heels in love with this orthopedic pet bed, elderly and sickly dogs may benefit the most from it. Does your dog suffer from achy bones or joints? Does he or she have a hard time finding a comfortable place to rest? If the answer to any of those questions is “yes,” then your dog would be well served by the Feather-Top Ortho Bed.

Why not take advantage of our huge pet bed sale and pick one up today? Your dog will love you for it!