K&H Huggy Nest pet bed

The Contest

Today we’re thrilled to announce another K&H Pet Products giveaway! We are partnering with In Jenn’s Bag to give away the extremely comfortable K&H Huggy Nest pet bed.

To enter the contest, head over to the official contest page on Jenn’s site. With 26 ways to enter, she’s made it very easy for anyone to increase their odds of winning!

Meet the New K&H Huggy Nest Pet Bed

Designed to resemble the shape of a hug, the K&H Huggy Nest showcases a truly unique pet bed design that’s perfect for dogs or cats. We generously stuffed the wraparound bolster with recycled polyfil to give pets a feeling of security and comfort. Pet will love to nuzzle and relax against this cozy bolster.

Fashion-Forward Design

We realize that dog and cat beds typically do not come to mind when people think of fashion. But why not? Can’t a pet bed be fashionable, comfortable, and affordable? We believe it can.

The K&H Huggy Nest pet bed sports a two-tone design that looks great in any home. Choose from a green/tan or chocolate/tan color combination to match your home’s décor.

You’ll love the look of this modern pet bed and your dog or cat will love the comfort of its ultra fleece lining and stuffed bolster.

A Fashionable Pet Bed You Can Wash Too!

If you’re too busy to spend a lot of time washing your dog’s or cat’s bed, the K&H Huggy Nest is perfect for you. We made cleaning it super simple! To launder, follow these steps:

  1. Place the entire bed in the washing machine.
  2. Wash on the gentle cycle with cold water.
  3. Line dry the bed.

New For 2014

The K&H Huggy Nest is only one of many new pet beds and accessories we’ve introduced this year. Be sure to check out the complete lineup of new dog products and new cat products. You’ll find brand new pet carriers, cooling dog beds, pet travel accessories, heated cat beds, and more.

K&H Huggy Nest dog and cat pet bed