When a dog product has been on the market for more than 40 years, people must love it. Such is the case with the Original Lectro-Kennel heated pad.

A top seller here at K&H, the Lectro-Kennel is adored by dogs, cats, various pets, and humans alike for its warmth and soothing qualities. Demand for this item surges during the colder portions of the year and many pets enjoy using it year-round to stay warm and cozy.

Lectro-Kennel heated pad for dogs, cats, pets


What is the Lectro-Kennel?

The Lectro-Kennel is a heated pad that turns on and off automatically in order to keep your pet’s body at the perfect temperature. Its dual internal thermostats keep the pad around 102° F, which is the ideal, veterinarian recommended temperature.

Dogs Love the Lectro-Kennel

Imagine your dog huddled in his backyard dog house as the temperature drops to -10° F. He tries to curl into a ball to stay warm and minimize shivering. You’ve put a blanket out there, but it’s just plain cold!

Now imagine him stretched out and sleeping peacefully, despite the frigid conditions. His K&H Lectro-Kennel silently rests beneath his body, turning on as needed to keep him comfortable, warm, and safe. That’s the peace of mind K&H products provide for pet owners.

But So Do Other Pet Owners and Professionals

But people appreciate this unique heated pad for other applications as well. Dog and cat breeders use the Lectro-Kennel to help young puppies or kittens stay warm in the early stages of life as they grow healthy and strong. Veterinary clinics place this item in their operating rooms and treatment areas to aid pets during surgery, recovery, and treatment. Pet owners appreciate how the Lectro-Kennel helps their aging pets stay warm all day, despite their poor health.

Lectro-Kennel heated pad covers

Other Features

Our product designers put a great deal of thought into the Lectro-Kennel, and it shows with features such as a steel-wrapped cord to discourage chewing, a durable ABS plastic exterior for durability and simple cleaning, and MET Labs certification for electrical safety and peace of mind.

For softness and comfort, we include a free faux fleece cover with every Lectro-Kennel. Upgrade to a Lectro-Cover Deluxe and enjoy a thicker cover with a secure zipper enclosure.


We offer 3 size Lectro-Kennel options to fit dogs of all sizes as well as other pets. Choose from small (12.” X 18.5”), medium (16.5” x 22.5”), and large (22.5” x 28.5”).