K&H Mod Collection

Brand new for 2014, the Mod Collection from K&H is an exciting group of dog and cat products you’re sure to love. Short for modern, “Mod” represents a style that’s fashion forward, high quality, and user friendly.

Mod products come in 2 or 3 colors, depending on the item. All Mod products feature a rigid, durable exterior shell that stays put and does not lose its shape. Mod interiors don’t sacrifice comfort and offer soft Lycra® material on the inside to keep your pet comfortable.

Some Mod models are fantastic for cats, others are designed for dogs, and some work well for dogs or cats. Whatever your pet’s need, there’s a K&H Mod product that’s sure to make his or her life better.

Mod Sleeper™

K&H Mod Sleeper pet bed

With a low profile design, the K&H Mod Sleeper™ is a cozy pet bed that’s perfect for dogs or cats. Its washable, removable pillow means owners will love this bed for its simplicity and simple care.

Mod Half-Pod™

K&H Mod Half-Pod pet bed

The K&H Mod Half-Pod™ incorporates the same features as the Mod Sleeper™, but with higher side walls. Its special bowl design will be a favorite of any cat or dog.

Mod Dream Pod™

K&H Dream PodThis unique cat bed zips together, making it a truly one of a kind product. Zip the K&H Mod Dream Pod™ together to provide your cat with privacy and seclusion. Or, unzip and use the bottom half as a traditional cat bed. With a large opening and 22” diameter, the K&H Mod Dream Pod™ will fit any size cat.

Mod Capsule™

K&H Mod Capsule

Building on our other Mod products, the K&H Mod Capsule™ serves as a playhouse, bed, and cat carrier. This 3-in-1 functionality provides outstanding value any cat owner will love. For trips to the veterinarian, zip the front mesh door closed and use the Mod Capsule™ as a carrier. When at home, remove the door altogether and use it as a sleeper.

Mod Safety Seat™

K&H Mod Safety Seat

Give your dog an elevated seat in the car and a great view of the road. The affordable K&H Mod Safety Seat™ offers features typically only found in expensive pet travel seats. Like the Mod Capsule™, this product zips together quickly for easy assembly.

Mod Thermo-Kitty Shelter™

K&H Mod Thermo-Kitty Shelter

We didn’t leave outdoor kitties out in the cold when designing the Mod Collection. They can enjoy cozy warmth and shelter, no matter how cold it gets outside. Use the K&H Mod Thermo-Kitty Shelter™ in a garage, shed, porch, barn, or anywhere cats need an outdoor heated bed. This product features the same rigid exterior and zip-together design as our other Mod items. We even included removable door flaps for added protection.

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