K&H Ortho Bolster Sleeper orthopedic dog bed

We we inspired to share more about our K&H Ortho Bolster Sleeper dog bed after reading this nice review from The Adventures of Dexter. In the review, Dexter shares how much he loves his pet bed's orthopedic foam, soft upholstery, thich bolsters, and premium materials. We though we'd take a few minutes to expand on these wonderful features.

A Truly Comfortable Orthopedic Dog Bed

The K&H Ortho Bolster Sleeper has been designed to offer dogs comfort and support. This pet bed starts with a 3" thick base of orthopedic foam. While any dog will appreciate this comfort, those with arthritis or other ailments will find the bed especially luxurious.

For addeded softness, we cover this dog bed with super soft upholstery grade velvet. We also use micro-fleece on the sleeping surface to create a beautiful two-tone design.

Snuggle-Friendly Bolsters

For those dogs who love to snuggle into their bed, we've added thick, overfilled bolsters. These help dogs feel safe and provide them with an added sense of comfort and security. Dogs of any size will love to crawl into this bed and feel like they have a place of their own.

Pet Bed Care Made Easy

Dog owners will also appreciate the thought we put into designing the K&H Ortho Bolster Sleeper. Because we know pet owners are busy, we made the cover machine washable. To launder this bed, simply unzip and remove the cover, then wash it on the gentle cycle with cold water. Line dry the cover and you're done!

And if you'd like an extra cover for your dog's bed, you're in luck! Whether you want to replace a worn out cover or just want to have an extra one on hand, you can now purchase an Ortho Bolster Sleeper cover.

Sizes for Dogs of All Sizes

To accommodate every type of dog, the Ortho Bolster Sleeper comes in 4 sizes. Our X-Large size even fits the Great Dane and his little cat buddy show below!

To match your home's decor, choose from brown or gray colors. For additional options, step up to our Deluxe Ortho Bolster Sleeper, which features green or eggplant colors with a paw print design.

Admiral curled up in the K&H Ortho Bolster Sleeper dog bed