K&H Pet Cot dog bed system

Warm weather is here and it’s time to think about keeping your pets cool during the heat of spring and summer. We’ve already highlighted the K&H Cool Bed III™ cooling dog bed and now we’d like to introduce you to another popular K&H product: the Pet Cot™.

Easy to Assemble

Leave your tools in the box! The K&H Pet Cot™ requires no tools and assembles easily. Simply slide the 4 metal frame tubes through the sleeves on each side of the cover, insert the tubes into the nylon corner supports, and you’re done! Check out this short video to see how easily the Pet Cot™ cooling dog bed assembles.

Solid Construction

The Pet Cot™ is built for durability and strength. The frame features solid metal tubing for support and rigidity. Each corner piece is constructed of heavy duty PVC that’s lightweight yet strong. Thick rubber feet provide cushioning and keep each support leg in place.

In addition, we’ve redesigned the Pet Cot™ cover to be stronger than ever. Covers now feature double stitching and a double backing. The center keeps dogs cool by allowing air to flow through the mesh fabric while the perimeter is made of waterproof, 600 denier nylon.

2 Sizes

With medium and large sizes available, the Pet Cot™ accommodates most dog breeds. Our medium cot measures 25” long by 32” wide while the large cot measures 30” long by 42” wide.

The Expandable Pot Cot™ System

For 2014, we’re introducing the ability to add versatility to your Pet Cot™! Now you can purchase add-on covers and change them as needed.

Now available, the K&H Coolin’ Gel Pet Cot™ Cover features a cool gel center that helps keep dogs cool in the heat. Slide this cover on your Pet Cot™ frame when it’s hot outside and your dog will thank you.

Coolin' Gel Pet Cot cover

Later this year, look for the K&H Self-Warming Pet Cot™ Cover. The unique material incorporated in this cover returns your dog’s body heat and helps them stay warm. Now you can transform the Pet Cot™ from a cooling dog bed to a warming dog bed!

Self-Warming Pet Cot 

And finally, you'll soon be able to able to provide your dog with the added comfort of shade. Our Pet Cot Canopy™ ingeniously creates a protective overhang to protect dogs from the sun.

Pet Cot Cover