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Have you ever taken your dog or cat with you for a drive or road trip, only to regret it because they’re climbing all over the car?

You pet owners know what I’m talking about. Fido and Kitty don’t seem to care too much that you’re trying to navigate safely to your destination. Kitty is too concerned with exploring the vehicle while Fido frantically attempts to climb on your lap and stick his head out the window. Neither has been away from home for a while and this is sensory overload!

So how do you keep your beloved pets safe and still allow them to travel in the car with you? The K&H Travel Safety Carrier is the answer to your dog and cat travel issues!

But before we go any further, here are a couple friendly ladies from Petopia discussing the Travel Safety Carrier and sharing an overview in this video.

Thanks ladies. We now return to our regularly scheduled pet product programming.

A Pet Bed on the Go

Every size Travel Safety Carrier includes our Self-warming Crate Pad. So, not only does this product reduce driver distraction, it provides pets with a comfortable place to rest.

Your dog or cat will love cuddling into the soft, comfortable microfleece material. They’ll also appreciate how the non-slip bottom material prevents them from sliding inside the carrier as you attack those corner turns like a NASCAR driver.

You’ll appreciate how easy it is to care for the Self-warming Crate Pad. Just throw it in the washing machine and wash on gentle cycle with cold water. Line dry afterwards and it’s ready to use again.

K&H Travel Safety Carrier dog cat car carrier

Simple, Secure, Safe Pet Transport

The Travel Safety Carrier’s simple installation means you’ll be more likely to use it regularly. Run the upper connecting strap behind the headrest and connect to the carrier. To secure the bottom of the carrier, run a seatbelt through the straps and click the buckle. That’s it! Now your carrier is in place and your pet won’t fly into the font seat when you have to brake hard because of the knucklehead in front of you.

Versatility for Dogs & Cats

Two side doors and a front door give you many options for helping your pet in and out of the Travel Safety Carrier. All three doors include zippers and are made of a durable mesh material.

Place the small size carrier in the front seat if you have a diminutive dog or cat who likes to ride shotgun. If your pet is larger, or the front seat is occupied, place any of the 3 size carriers in the backseat.

When you’re done with your trip, simply unbuckle the carrier and fold it flat for easy storage.