Today we're releasing new lines of K&H travel pet carriers that you will absolutely love! These high quality carriers are perfect for dogs of all sizes and meet a wide variety of needs common to pet owners.

The K&H Classy Go™ products are high quality, upscale pet carriers for those who want the very best. For budget conscious pet owners, we also offer the Comfy Go™ and Easy Go™ lines of products. Regardless of which line you choose, your pet will travel in style and comfort.

Classy Go™ Carrier

K&H Classy Go Carrier

This is the ultimate pet carrier for those seeking to transport a small dog. When designing the K&H Classy Go™ Carrier, we incorporated a design that's soft, yet rigid enough not to collapse in on itself. To make things more comfortable for dogs, the ends are elongated to provide more interior space.

The carrier is accented with bright green piping for a design that makes a statement. When not in use, fold down the Classy Go™ Carrier and slide it into the included storage bag for an even smaller footprint.

Comfy Go™ Carrier

K&H Comfy Go CarrierA more affordable take on the Classy Go™ Carrier, the K&H Comfy Go™ Carrier combines affordability and quality in one package. This pet carrier also features firm sides that prevent it from collapsing. It comes with a carrying handle and shoulder strap to make transport easy.

The Comfy Go™ Carrier features fun, vibrant purple and green accents for a style that's tuly unique. Like the Classy Go™, it also folds down and slides into an included storage bag.

Comfy Go™ Backpack Carrier

K&H Comfy Go Backpack CarrierThe perfect pet accessory for active dog owners, the K&H Comfy Go™ Backpack Carrier will help you carry your dog in style. It's perfect for walking, hiking, or just a day around town. This backpack carrier is comfy, versatile, and built to last.

We made the Comfy Go™ Backpack Carrier stylish as well. Its exciting colors will turn heads and let people know what a fun person you are! It also comes with a storage bag so you can tuck it away when not in use.

Easy Go™ Carrier

K&H Easy Go CarrierThis is the perfect handbag carrier for anyone who has a small dog! The K&H Easy Go™ Carrier offers quality construction, fashionable design, versatility, and affordability all in one package.

Not only does it feature the same bold colors as our other carrier products, it also offers mesh panels for improved airflow and comfort for your dog.

Get your K&H Easy Go™ Carrier now and tote your dog around in style!

Classy Go™ Soft Crate

K&H Classy Go Soft CrateFeaturing a unique, patented design, the K&H Classy Go™ Soft Crate is sure to be a favorite of pet owners everywhere! Use this portable dog crate inside at home, on the road, or anywhere you like.

Our design team created an internal frame that makes the Classy Go™ Soft Crate easy to assemble and disassemble. When taking it with you for travel, simply break down the carrier and slide it into the matching storage bag.

Even though it's incredibly convenient, the Classy Go™ Soft Crate is also sturdy and built to last. Its durable frame is concealed inside the attractive fabric shell to create a product that's strong and looks great.

Classy Go™ Pet Home

K&H Classy Go Pet HomeAnother wonderful dog crate option, the K&H Classy Go™ Pet Home is easy to put together and attractive. Dogs of all shapes and sizes will love to call it home!

Leave the door open to allow your dog freedom or close it for a more traditional crate experience. Side and front mesh panels allow air flow and viewing options.

The Classy Go™ Pet Home assembles quickly for on-the-go usage. Disassemble it in one minute and place in the convenient storage bag for use on the road.