Thank you to everyone who participated in our Memorial Day Patriotic Pet Photo Contest on our Facebook page! We had some great dog and cat photo entries and it was tough to choose favorites. But without further ado, here are the winners.

Most Patriotic Cat

K&H cat photo contest winner

This photo of Gizmo came from Kevin Anderson. Gizmo's surly expression doesn't seem celebratory, but his patriotic swag screams patriotism. Thanks for making us laugh and for providing such a great cat photo for our contest.

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Most Patriotic Dog

K&H dog photo contest winner

While Gizmo's expression is more snarky, Bailey's look is stoic and contemplative. It looks as though he's standing at attention and saluting the flag. This outstanding photo is well thought-out and composed.

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Most Patriotic "Other" Photo

K&H pet photo contest winner

We designed this category for anyone who wanted to submit a patriotic photo of another pet that wasn't a cat or dog. However, since we didn't have any "other" entries, we're awarding this prize to Admiral, the runner-up in our dog category. His patriotic antlers made us chuckle.

Thank you to Michele Ambrosino for this great photo. Congratulations on winning your choice of pet product from! Admiral is a big guy, so an outdoor heated dog bed might be a good choice for him. But it's your call, so have fun browsing our catalog of dog products!