COVER ONLY - Coolin' Pet Cot Cover

  • Coolin' Pet Pad™ center keeps dogs cool

  • Sizes: Medium, Large

  • 150 lb. weight capacity

  • Warranty: 1 year

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Add this cover to your existing Pet Cot™ frame to keep your dog extra cool when it's hot. Our Coolin' Pet Pad™ technology helps dogs beat the heat and stay cool.


Additional Info

Item #
  • 1667 – Medium
  • 1677 – Large
Unit UPC
  • 1667 – Medium – 655199016334
  • 1677 – Large – 655199016341
Weight Limit 150 lbs.
  • Medium – 25" L x 32" W
  • Large – 30" L x 42" W
Sleeping Surface Dimensions
  • Medium – 19.375" L x 31" W (overall), 12" L x 19" W (center)
  • Large – 29.5" L x 40.75" W (overall), 16" L x 28" W (center)
Warranty 1 Year


Care & Instructions

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Cleaning Instructions

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

DO NOT place this item in the washing machine or dryer.

Product Q&A

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Product-Specific Questions

The Pet Cot is assembled but the legs do not rest evenly on the floor. How can I fix this?

Once weight is placed on the Pet Cot, it will even out and all 4 legs will rest on the floor nicely. Try placing some heavier items on the Pet Cot, but do not exceed the weight limit of 150 lbs.

Is the material in the center non-toxic for pets and people?

Yes, it is non-toxic for pets and people.

Can the Coolin' Pet Cot be used for cats?

Since dogs & cats have the same body temperature, this product will work for cats as well. While there is always a chance of puncture if a cat claws at the bed, this product has a tough exterior that will stand up to normal usage from a cat.

Does the material always stay at a constant temperature?

This product will stay at ambient air temperature.

How long does it cool with constant use?

This product uses a material that does not require refrigeration, so there is no time limit for how long it will stay cool when in use.

What is the frame made of?

The frame is made of metal tubing while the corner connectors are made of PVC.

How does the cooling cot work? Do you have an insert that you have to put in freezer prior to use?

The K&H Coolin’ Pet Cot absorbs a pet's natural body temperature of 102°F and coverts it to room temperature, which is normally well below the dog’s body temperature. The difference created between the room temperature and the dog’s body temperature is how the Coolin’ Pet Cot provides a cooler, refreshing surface for your dog.

For example, even if it is 80°F in your house, the Coolin’ Pet Cot is 22 degrees cooler than a dog’s 102°F body temperature.

The Coolin’ Pet Cot provides a permanent, natural, cool spot for your dog, inside or outside in temperatures under 95°F, without chemicals or electricity. This item should be kept out of direct sunlight. The center, which is sewn into the cover, does not need to be placed in the freezer.

General Questions about K&H Pet Cots

What is the maximum weight supported by a Pet Cot?

Any Pet Cot model will support up to 150 lbs.

Can the fabric cover be replaced, or do I need to purchase a completely new bed?

Yes, the fabric cover can be replaced by purchasing a Pet Cot™ Cover. We offer several cover options:

What is the frame made of?

The frame is made of metal tubing while the corner connectors are made of durable PVC.

Does the cover slide over the side bars or does it attach with hook & loop fasteners?

The cover slips over the frame for a tight, secure fit.


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