Kitty Sill - EZ Mount Scratcher™ - Refill Only

  • Refill only (frame not included)

  • Fits the K&H Manufacturing EZ Mount Scratcher Kitty Sill

  • Large surface is great for scratching or basking in the sun

  • Free catnip included

  • Patent pending

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The Kitty Sill-EZ Mount Scratcher™ Refill Pad fits the Kitty Sill-EZ Mount Scratcher™. The refill installs in moments. The Kitty Sill-EZ Mount Scratcher is a perfect way to give your cat a place to scratch that is located away from your furniture and up in their favorite viewing area-the window! The K&H scratcher satisfies your cat's natural scratching instincts, while encouraging appropriate scratching behavior. Scratching is not only a way for your cat to entertain themselves, it also helps groom and maintain their claws. The K&H Kitty Sill-EZ Mount Scratcher and refills are the perfect way to help satisfies your cat's natural scratching desires and maintain good claw health.


Additional Info

Item # 9551 - EZ Mount Scratcher Kitty Sill REFILL ONLY
Unit UPC 655199095513
Dimensions 11” x 20” x 2”
Item Weight 2 lbs.


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