K&H New Cat Products

New Cat Products

Here at K&H, we strive to simplify and improve life for you and your cat. Check out our growing selection of products and accessories designed especially for our feline friends.

K&H Outdoor Heated Cat Beds

Outdoor Heated Cat Beds, Cat Houses, Water Bowls

K&H premium heated pads, beds, and houses keep cats warm and comfortable while our heated food and water bowls prevent frozen drinking water.

K&H Indoor Heated Cat Beds

Indoor Heated Cat Beds

Our Thermo-Kitty and Thermo-Pet cat beds offer a wide variety of cozy, warm options.

K&H Kitty Sills & EZ Mounts for Cats

Kitty Sills & EZ Mounts for Cats - Heated & Unheated

If your cat loves a room with a view, then they will love our line of window mounted cat beds and accessories.

K&H Self-warming Cat Beds

Self-Warming Cat Beds

K&H self-warming cat beds don't require any electricity, but they to help provide your pet with added warmth.

K&H Traditional Cat Beds

Traditional Cat Beds

We offer a variety of beds for your cat's unique needs. Choose from window sill beds, kitty sacks, loungers, and many more.

K&H Water Bowls for Cats

Water Bowls for Cats

K&H water bowls provide improved drinking water for indoor and outdoor cats. Heated, filtered, window mount and more.

K&H Cat Scratchers and Interactive Toyes

Cat Scratchers & Interactive Toys

Your cat will never be bored with the K&H line of interactive toys and scratch pads.