K&H Dog Products - Heated, Cooling, Orthopedic & More!

K&H New Dog Products

New Dog Products

Here at K&H, we continually strive to simplify and improve life for you and your dog. check out our growing selection of heating & cooling dog beds, pads, bowls and other accessories.

K&H Outdoor Heated Dog Beds

Outdoor Heated Dog Beds

A quality K&H outdoor heated dog bed or pad will keep your dog warm and happy all winter long. Place one in a dog house, crate, garage, porch, or inside the home.

K&H Indoor Heated Dog Beds

Indoor Heated Dog Beds

Even indoor dogs need help staying warm. We have products ranging from simple pet bed warmers to raised luxury dog beds.

K&H Self-warming Dog Beds

Self-Warming Dog Beds

K&H self-warming dog beds don't require electricity, but help provide your pet with added warmth.

K&H Traditional Dog Beds

Traditional Dog Beds

Whether your dog is large or small, there's a K&H tradional style dog bed perfectly suited for their needs.

K&H Cooling Dog Beds

Cooling Dog Beds

Our cooling dog bed technologies use water or gel to keep your pet cool. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

K&H Water Bowls for Dogs

Water Bowls for Dogs

Choose the perfect K&H water bowl for warm, cold, indoor or outdoor settings. K&H has heated, cooling, and even filtered dog water bowls.

K&H Dog Travel Products

Dog Travel Products

Keep your dog safe and comfortable while traveling. Other items keep your vehicle dirt, moisture and dog hair free.