K&H Chicken warmers and waterers

Heated Pads & Waterers for Chicken Coops

Chickens need to stay warm to maintain egg production. This is why all of our farm products feature the same innovative technology as our dog & cat heated products. Check out our products specially designed to keep chickens of all sizes safe and warm.

K&H Stock Tank De-Icers & Filters

Stock Tank De-Icers & Filters

Now you can prevent ice from building up in the stock tanks on your ranch or farm. K&H stock tank de-icers are designed to be easy to use. They are thermostatically controlled to automatically turn on/off as needed. No more worries about ice buildup!

K&H Heated Hoses & Hose Heaters

Heated Hoses & Hose Heaters

Check out the K&H line of heated hoses and warming accessories. Our products are specially designed to prevent ice buildup through winter's cold days and nights. Built rugged to withstand the rigors of stock tanks and ponds.

K&H Pond De-icers & Supplies

Pond De-icers & Supplies

K&H pond de-icers and hoses help keep ponds free of ice and promote proper gas exchange. Our products can accommodate ponds of practically any size or shape.

K&H Small Animal Products

Small Animal Products

We haven't forgotten our small friends either. K&H has heated pads and accessories designed especially for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, small cats, and other small animals.