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Dog Products

Care for your pooch with quality dog beds, water bowls, travel products, and more.

Shopping for the perfect dog bed or accessory? You've come to the right place! We offer specialized pet beds for dogs of all sizes and needs. For your outdoor canine friends, choose a quality cooling or heated dog bed or pad that's designed to withstand the elements. For inside the home, our selection includes orthopedic dog beds, memory foam dog beds, raised dog beds, bolstered dog beds, self-warming dog beds, heated dog beds, pet bed warmers, heated water bowls and more.

Cat Products

Cozy beds for indoor & outdoor kitties, playhouses, filtered water bowls, and more.

Keep your kitty happy, healthy, and safe with a quality cat bed or accessory from K&H. Our outdoor heated cat beds and houses protect feral cats and give them a place to call home. For kitties who prefer the indoors, we provide cat beds to match every situation and style. Choose a fleece heated cat bed for warmth, a window sill cat bed for a great view, a comfy cat house for privacy, or a self-warming cat bed for warmth without electricity.

Bird Products

Warming accessories for outdoor bird baths and indoor bird cages.

K&H bird accessories make life better for wild outdoor birds or caged exotic birds. To prevent your bird bath water from freezing, install our Ice Eliminator™. Keep exotic birds warm and comfortable with our Thermo-Perch™ or Sand Thermo-Perch™ heated bird perches. Or, raise a bird cage's air temperature with our unique Snuggle Up Bird Warmer™.

Small Animal Products

Heated pads to keep your small animals warm and safe.

Small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and chickens can stay warm too with unique heating solutions from K&H. Our small animal heated pads work in even the coldest climates to keep your animals safe year-round.

Farm & Ranch Products

Heated water hoses, and stock tank de-icers to keep your farm running in the cold.

Your farm doesn't stop just because the temperature drops. Keep working throughout the year with quality K&H stock tank de-icers and heated hoses. They'll keep the water flowing and make your job easier.

Pond Products

Maintain a hole in your pond's ice and keep your fish safe.

K&H pond de-icers keep a hole in pond ice, no matter how cold the temperature. This facilitates gas exchange, which allows pond fish to live through the winter. We offer several pond de-icer models to fit your pond size and local climate.

A little about us...

At K&H, we understand how much you love your dog, cat, bird, fish, or other pet. That's why we are dedicated to making the highest quality pet products available. Whether it's a heated dog bed, self-warming cat bed, filtered water bowl, or any of our other top quality pet accessories, your pet will be more comfortable when using a K&H product.

Each year we introduce new and innovative products you and your pet will love. Our approach offers unique comfort and health benefits to help dogs, cats, and other animals live better. Try one of our beds, travel accessories, heated bowls, or many other pet supplies and you'll agree.